21 Oct 2016

The 5 people you meet in heaven

If you have ever asked me ‘what is your favourite books?” I mention two. The first being The 5 people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. 

I originally first read this book after E finished it back when we just started dating and decided to read it again this year. Thinking back at how I felt when I read it 10 years ago to now its very different. Firstly this year I cried where last time I didn’t. 

I don’t want to tell you the story but only really really really encourage you to read it. You don’t need to believe in Heaven or be christian to read and take something from it but only that the story is beautiful and eye opening. I will say that its about a guy that dies and he meets 5 people he knew and loved and others he didn’t even know was around. 

For me I it moved me made me think about how many peoples life we touch with out even realising it. It proved to me, even though it's just a book, but it showed me that you matter. You sitting there in the car, at the desk on the toilet you matter! Isn't that just magical to think we matter, can/have/will change someone's live without honking twice and going on about our day!!

If this doesn't make you read it I might just have to make you!! 

20 Oct 2016

Dear October | 20

I don't think you will like what I have to say today, but I'm going to say it anyway....

I read an interesting blog post that sparked hatred for this world we live in. I know using the word hate is a very negative and strong word but its how I feel and this topic drives me up the wall! 

It's a article about a mother who questions how 'modern parents' raise their kids after her son chose not to take his favourite action figure, as the yellow toy drill because it might be mistaken as a gun and that he will get in trouble by his teacher. She then goes one to discuss how "Modern parenting is creating a generation that's not going to be able to function in society".

She the goes to say about how some many years ago, boys would play good guy and bad guy, and run around with toy guns. She also mentions that if you were to take the toy guys away they would use their fingers or sticks and pretend it was a gun. "These Days" is boys would be playing with pretend guns they might be classes as threats and be removed from play groups. Parents who will drop everything and anything to play with a child who is said to need attention or a child that is frustrated. The same parent who then gives a child a iPad to keep them entertained while they wait for their meal at a restaurant.

How is this said child going to deal with the fact that in the 'real world' people won't willingly just stop with their busy lives to cater to their every need because they "needs attention". How is this said child going to cope when they share an idea at work and it gets turned down immediately. Will they go home and cry, think about suicide, complain its bulling or actually have the skills to learn from it and improve. 

Now just to clarify I do not have children and you might think I therefor have not right to an opinion on parenting "as you don't know how it is to raise a human being". No I don't, but to be honest this topic makes me fear bringing a child into a world like this. A world where people, are so sensitive and fragile that your just breath in their direction in an 'inappropriate' way that it would cause their whole world to crumble and they start to think about suicide or self harm. The worst part is that society encourages this behaviour, encourage people to "feel entitled to a world-wide pity party".

I want to say that in the 'Real World' outside of mum and dads house and away from their control and comfort - there is life. Life, that eats you up and spits you out, makes you learn from situation you can't handle, situation you don't like, situations that is just part of the growing up side. 

Life isn't  always easy and life isn't always sunshine and roses. You will ALWAYS improve from 'situations' and ALWAYS be a better person when you get out of it. You need to lighten up and live. You need to enjoy life for what it is. You life!!!

I encourage you to read the full blog post on this toy action figure on  The Metz Family blog and make your own opinions on how you see the kids of today growing up. 

A heavy one today October

Hugs and kisses

19 Oct 2016

Dear October | 19

Dear October, I want you to do the following - this is a Japanese personality test, lets see how accurate it will be. 

  1. Imagine your walking thru a desert and you see a cube.
  2. How big is the cube?
  3. What material is the cube made of?
  4. How far is the cube from the ground?
  5. Now picture a ladder.
  6. Where is it in relation to the cube?
  7. What is the ladder made of?
  8. Now picture a horse.
  9. Is it wearing anything (Saddle, rains)?
  10. What is the horse doing?
  11. Now picture flowers.
  12. How many are there?
  13. How close are they to the cube?
  14. Lastly there is a storm starting.
  15. How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse and flowers?
  16. Are you scared of it?

The size of the cube is represents the size of your ego. 
The transparency of the cube shows how open you are with people.
The closer the cube is to the ground the more grounded you are. 
The distance between the ladder and the cube shows how close you are to your friends. 
If the ladder is leaning on the cube, your friends often lean on you for support.
The sturdier the material of your ladder, the stronger your bonds are with people.
If the horse was tied up or has a saddled you like more control in your relationships.
If it's a wild horse you like wild relationships. 
The more flowers you pictured the more kids you want .
And the closer they are to the cube the more your thinking about kids. 
The storms size represents stress, the closer and more threatening it is the more stressed you currently are. 

Was it accurate?

For me: my Cube was on the ground and made of class. While a wooden ladder was leaning on the cube. There was a wild horse with rains tied to the ladder eating grass. There was plenty of flowers (to many to count) against to cube. The storm was very far in the distance, dark clouds with light lying and thunder - beautiful to look at but not threatening or scary. 

Read into that how you like.  

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